Structure name

Municipality of Udine-Environment and Safety Operational Unit

Type of structures

Public office

Environment and Safety Operational Unit of the Municipality of Udine


Via Bonaldo Stringher, Udine, UD, Italia


+39 0432 127 1111

Cleaning Services - BSYSTEMS SERVICE


BZeroSystem srl is a start-up born in 2022, as the result of the evolution and technological development of BSystems Italia’s B Zero Line. It was created with the aim of specializing more and more in environmental safety, focusing on the creation and spread of an innovative system that makes environments safer and healthier. Thanks to the technological development of the B Zero Line and the synergy with the Microbiology Laboratories, we were able to develop an automatic system that makes all environments, surfaces and whatever is in the room, sanitized during and after application: The BZeroSystem sanitizes the entire room while micronizing BZeroSanity, in addition to create an invisible film that makes surfaces permanently active against viruses and bacteria 24 hours a day. Moreover, it is harmless for humans, objects and the environment!


+39 3483046222


Types of treatment performed

Antiviral & antibacterial permanent treatmentHealthy and sanitizing treatment according to standard D.P.C.M.

Products used for processing

B Zero SanityUltrasonic micronizer BZS35

Treated environment

Floors and walls

Treated elements

Doors and handlesSockets and lightsIndoor/outdoor chairsIndoor/outdoor coffee tablesFloors and wallsDoors and handlesComputerTables and desks

Regular cleaning

Cleaning frequency

every day

Products used for regular cleaning

B Zero MultiusoB Zero Pavimenti


Floors and walls


Doors and handlesSockets and lightsIndoor/outdoor chairsIndoor/outdoor coffee tablesDoors and handlesComputerTables and desks